The 2018 All Wales Striking Competitions for the Jack Pryor and J Arthur Hoare Trophies were held on Saturday 29th September at Brecon Cathedral and hosted by the Swansea and Brecon Guild.

It was a lovely, sunny afternoon which helped provide very convivial and sociable atmosphere, with the local ringers providing a running buffet of tea and cakes and, rather thoughtfully, a barrel of beer for ringers' exclusive enjoyment which was available from the Pilgrims Café adjacent to the main Cathedral building.

Both competitions proved to very closely fought with the Judges, Barrie Dove and Janine Jones from Yorkshire, complimenting all the bands on the quality of the ringing and remarking upon how difficult it had been to come to a decision. This was exemplified in the results, which were as follows:

8-Bell Competition for the J Arthur Hoare Memorial Trophy
In order of ringing:
1. St Davids DG 71 faults (4th place)
2. North Wales Association 19 faults (2nd place)
3. Llandaff & Monmouth DA 18.5 faults (1st place)
4. Swansea & Brecon DG 26 faults (3rd place)

6-Bell Competition for the Jack Pryor Trophy
In order of ringing:
1. Rumney (Llandaff & Monmouth DA) 11 faults (2nd place)
2. Haverfordwest (St Davids DG) 16 faults (4th place)
3. Brecon (Swansea & Brecon DG) 15.5 faults (3rd place)
4. Welshpool (North Wales Association) 9 faults (1st place)

After the judging many present stayed for food in Pilgrims. There were only six pints of beer left at the end of the afternoon.

With grateful thanks to our hosts for some excellent planning which all appeared to go as hoped and thanks, too, to Claire Alexander for allowing the use of some of her photographs below. With special thanks to The Most Reverend John Davies, Archbishop of Wales, for leading the Service and presenting the Trophies to the winning bands.

Photo: The Association's 8-Bell Band
Association 8-Bell Band

Photo: The Rumney Band which represented the Association for the Jack Pryor Trophy
Rumney Band

Photo: North Wales' 6-Bell Band from Welshpool
Welshpool 6-Bell Band

Photo: Matthew Turner, the Association Masrter, receiving the J Arthur Hoare Memorial Trophy from The Archbishop
8-Bell Trophy

Photo: Neil Bennet of Welshpool receiving the Jack Pryor Trophy from The Archbishop
6-Bell Trophy

Photo: Brecon Cathedral
Brecon Cathedral

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