The 2014 Llandaff Branch Striking Competition was held at St Bride's Major in The Vale of Glamorgan on Saturday 10th May 2014.

It was a cold and very wind day, most of those present choosing to stay inside the church, only occasionally popping their noses outside to listen to the ringing whilst searching for shelter from the elements.

A particularly copious tea was ordered/provided by the Branch Secretary, Tim Taylor, whose meticulous arrangements and chivvying of the bands made things progress quickly and smoothly. There was considerable sympathy for the judges, Andrew and Helen Phillips from Newport, who had to struggle to keep warm in their car whilst keeping a window open so they could hear the bells.

The "churchyard pundits" proved to be in broad agreement with the judges in that both competitions were very close. There was little dissent with the judges' verdicts which mirrored those of the majority listening outside. The results were as follows:

Call Change Section:
1. Caerphilly: 65 faults, placed 3rd
2. Coity: 55 faults, placed 2nd
3. Merthyr Tydfil: 98 faults
4. Aberdare: 110 faults
5. Cadoxton: 54 faults, placed 1st
6. Penarth: 88 faults

Method Ringing Section:
1. Llandaff: 33 faults, placed 2nd
2. Aberdare: 86 faults
3. Cardiff: 54 faults, placed 3rd
4. Penarth: 31 faults, placed 1st

Cadoxton & Coity, Penarth & Llandaff go through to the Inter-Branch Competitions on 28th June 2014 smiley

Photo: Rebecca John of Cadoxton receiving the Call change Trophy from the judges, Andrew and Helen Phillips.

Photo: Richard Jacklin of Penarth receving the Gwyn Lewis Trophy (method ringing) from the Branch Master, Yvonne John

Photo: The (mainly) happy-looking Penarth Band cool

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