Updated 27th May 2018

The Association's Management Committee is the body that oversees its running. It meets four times per year and provides the fulcrum for the Association's activities.

The Committee oversees the whole gamut of Association business, from the setting of budgets and the overseeing of financial affairs through to the offering of grant-aid and/or loans from the Bell Restoration Fund.

The Committee also oversees the Association's fund-raising efforts and its online presence by way of this website and the Facebook Group.

It is important to the effective functioning of the Committee that there is a two-way flow of information between the Association's members and the Management Committee. Members should contact either one of their Branch Representatives or one of the Officers in the event of wanting to contact the Committee with regard to Association affairs.

The Committee is comprised:

  • The Association's Officers (5)
  • The Bell Restoration Fund Trustees (2)
  • The Central Council Representatives (3)
  • Representatives from the Branches (6 from each Branch)

The Branches' representatives for 2018 are as follows:

Llandaff Branch Monmouth Branch
Hilary Evans Sam Bolingbroke
Fred Jackson Jonathan Lewis
Yvonne John Andrew Phillips
Chris Kipling Helen Phillips
Pat Moore Matthew Turner
Lynne Workman Vacant

The next Meetings are:

  • Tuesday 29th May 2018 (Newport Cathedral Hall)
  • Wednesday 5th September 2018 (Prebendal House, Llandaff Cathedral)
  • Thursday 22nd November 2018 (Newport Cathedral Hall)

Documents from the last four available Management Committee Meetings can be viewed/downloaded from the links below. Minutes, Reports, etc, from November 2006 onwards are available from the Webmaster upon request.

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Download this file (2018-05-29-Webmaster's Report.pdf)Webmaster's Report May 2018213 kB2127-05-2018 18:12
Download this file (2018-05-29-ManCommAgenda.pdf)Management Committee Agenda May 2018144 kB3521-05-2018 20:30
Download this file (2018-02-05-Webmaster's Report.pdf)Webmaster's Report February 201879 kB3704-02-2018 14:25
Download this file (2018-02-05-ManCommMins.pdf)Management Committee Minutes February 2018161 kB3321-05-2018 20:29
Download this file (2018-02-05-ManCommAgenda.pdf)Management Committee Agenda February 2018142 kB3503-02-2018 13:04
Download this file (2017-11-24-ManCommMins.pdf)Management Committee Minutes November 2017157 kB11409-12-2017 16:41
Download this file (2017-11-24-ManCommAgenda.pdf)Management Committee Agenda November 2017185 kB3520-11-2017 15:57
Download this file (2017-11-24 Webmaster's Report.pdf)Webmaster's Report November 201766 kB3420-11-2017 15:59
Download this file (2017-09-07-ManCommMins.pdf)Management Committee Minutes September 2017145 kB4120-11-2017 15:58
Download this file (2017-09-07-ManCommAgenda.pdf)Management Committee Agenda September 2017165 kB3203-11-2017 16:58
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