Updated 7th May 2022

The Association's Management Committee is the body that is responsible for the governance of the Association.

It oversees the setting of budgets and the Association’s Finances, as well as offering grant aid and/or loans from the Bell Restoration Fund.

The Committee is responsible for ensuring our members’ data is properly protected, and for safeguarding.  It oversees the Association's fund-raising efforts and its online presence by way of this website and the Facebook Group.

It provides the communication between the various working groups, and co-ordinates social activities to provide opportunities for members to get together. 

The Committee ensures a flow of information between the Association’s members and its various committees and working groups, and shares new ideas and best practice between branches, and from outside of the Association. 

The Committee is comprised: 

  • Association Master
  • Branch Chairs (2)
  • BRF Trustees (2)
  • Association Secretary
  • Association Treasurer
  • Central Council Reps (3)

Meetings are generally held four times per year – in February, May/June, September, and November.

Documents from the last four Management Committee Meetings are available to Resident and Honorary Life Members when logged in. 

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