Updated 1st May 2021

Current Local Situation:
There is currently only very limited ringing (for Sunday Services only) at a few towers. Towers are not able to accommodate visiting ringers for any reason at the moment. There are no ringing events on our Calendar other than (online) Management Committee Meetings.

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Latest Guidance (30th April 2021)
Guidance published by CCCBR in response to the relaxation of lockdown restrictions and the restarting of indoor activities for groups of up to 15 from 3rd May onwards. It is very similar to that already produced for England, has been approved by the Church in Wales and is available here.

The points to note are:

  • Ringing sessions should be arranged for six people in the first instance
  • Hands – Space – Face rules apply – face coverings, hand sanitising between ringing, 1m plus mitigations when ringing, 2m at all other times
  • Risk assessments should be updated for each tower, taking into account each tower's local circumstances (ventilation, proximity of ropes, access/exit etc.)
  • Ringers should carefully consider their own personal risk and nobody is forced to return to ringing if they are uncomfortable with doing so
  • Restrict ringing time to 45 minutes whilst maintaining good tower ventilation

This isn't yet a return to "normal" ringing but is another step along the way.

Central Council of Church Bell Ringers:
Coronavirus information and guidance.
Ringing and Covid Health Risks
CCCBR Returning to Service Ringing.

Association of Ringing Teachers (ART):
Survial and Recovery Toolkit

Other Guidance:
Welsh Government Guidance of Reopening Places of Worship: Coronavirus
Church in Wales Coronavirus (Covid-19) Guidance

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