Updated 7th December 2020
Ringing has returned on a limited basis in some towers where it is possible to comply with guidance/risk assessments and where ringers are willing and able to return. This is limited to Sunday Service ringing by arrangement and there are currently no weekly practices at any Association towers and it is unlikely that towers will be able to accommodate visitors for any reason at the moment.

There are no ringing events or practices on the Calendar other than Management Committee Meetings the two Branch AGMs and the Association AGM. These are online activities for which pre-registration will be required.

To receive Branch and Association updates and information, newsletters, etc, by email as the situation evolves, please consider subscribing to the relevant Mailing List(s).

Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Information:
Coronavirus information and guidance.
Ringing and Covid Health Risks
CCCBR Returning to Service Ringing.

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