"Desperately seeking stays........"

6 years 5 months ago #228 by swmrl01
(also posted in the Maintenance Shed forum)

We've used the last of our ash blank stays recently at Aberdare (don't even ask!) and now need to source some blank stays fairly quickly as we have a bell out of action. Isn't it always one of the middle ones. sob!

Does anyone know where we can source some suitable blank stays?
I have found 2 possible suppliers (Pontrilas sawmills near Hereford, and Usk sawmills in the Wentwood forest near Chepstow). Meanwhile I am trying to obtain just one ash blank to replace our 4th as quickly as poss.

Having emailed around, I find everyone else is in the same boat. No-one seems to have a contact for a supplier apart from the odd urban myth type rumour.
I'm thinking of going into the stay business!!

I have the ability to knock up a mean stay, I possess the know-how and tools just need the wood.
Anyone with any ideas or if you can help out please let me know.
Best contact is via the Llan & Mon DACBR website tower contacts page for Aberdare tower please. Any help truly madly deeply & gladly received.

Mike Lewis (TC at Aberdare)


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