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Please be aware that emails purporting to be from and/or are doing the rounds. The emails contain a "malware" attachment which, if opened, which might steal login credentials (e.g. to here, Facebook, etc). It might also encrypt your documents, photos, etc. The emails do not, of course, originate from EE, T-Mobile or Orange.

More details here:

If you receive an email from either of these email addresses then DO NOT OPEN IT or click on the attachment. Delete the email and empty the "trash" folder on your email software.

I don't know if the software runs on Mac OS X but it certainly will run on Windows PC and smartphones.

Why am I posting this? Because one of our tower correspondents has received an email via their email address. I suspect that the address was "harvested" off the old site as this new site has email address cloaking installed by default and email addresses cannot be read from any page source code. No email addresses appear anywhere on this site :)

I will be blocking these email addresses at server level this evening.

Keeping a watchful eye on proceedings........
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