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The Association runs on a mixture of Officers, representatives, appointees and volunteers.

Typically, elections take place each year at the Association's Annual General Meeting, although there is scope within the Association's Rules for elections to take place at other General Meetings should this be considered necessary.

The "appointees" have positions which can be described as being "in the gift of the General Secretary". Usually, the post-holder will have an aptitude or interest in a particular part of the Association's work. Such positions tend to be rather specialised in their nature and the General Secretary will be satisified that the post-holder is able to carry out the work before making an appointment. Often, these positions are occupied for many years, although it doesn't have to be this way!!

The other voluntary positions are filled by people appointed by a group's memberships, e.g. the various practice organisers, or who are carryinging out their own idea on the fund-raising front, e.g. the 200 Club Coordinator and the person looking after clothing sales. The value of the work done by the volunteers cannot be overstated.

Elected Officers and Representatives (number of posts):
Association Master (1)
Association Chairman (1)
Association General Secretary (1)
Association Treasurer (1)
Association Public Relations Officer (1)
Independent Examiners (2)
Bell Restoration Fund Trustees (2, plus General Secretary and Treasurer ex-officio)
Central Council Representatives (3 are elected, 4 are allowed by the CC)

Peal Recorder
Annual Report Editor

Fund raising efforts (currently the 200 Club, Clothing Sales and Monmouth Branch Newsletter CD sales)
Practice Organisers (currently Minor, Surprise Major, 12-Bell and Daytime Practices)

The two Branches are autonomous organisations, each having their own structures, accounts, etc.

Job Descriptions:
The Association's Management Committee have been compiling Job Descriptions for the elected Officers and other posts, partly to ensure that there is no confusion amongst themselves and partly to inform those Association members who might be interested in the helping the Association with its work.

FileFile sizeDownloadsCreated
Download this file (9_JobDescChairman.pdf)Job Description - Association Chairman6 kB16911-06-2013 20:15
Download this file (8_JobDescGeneralSecretary.pdf)Job Description - Association General Secretary110 kB16511-06-2013 20:15
Download this file (7_JobDescTreasurer.pdf)Job Description - Association Treasurer5 kB15611-06-2013 20:14
Download this file (6_JobDescPRO.pdf)Job Description - Association PRO6 kB15511-06-2013 20:14
Download this file (5_JobDescCCRep.pdf)Job Description - Central Council Rep63 kB16611-06-2013 20:13
Download this file (4_JobDescPealRecorder.pdf)Job Description - Association Peal Recorder5 kB15311-06-2013 20:11
Download this file (3_JobDescLibrarian.pdf)Job Description - Association Librarian5 kB14311-06-2013 20:11
Download this file (2_JobDescAnnlRepEd.pdf)Job Description - Annual Report Editor62 kB14911-06-2013 20:10
Download this file (1_JobDescWebmaster.pdf)Job Description - Association Webmaster60 kB16811-06-2013 20:09
Download this file (10_JobDescMaster.pdf)Job Description - Association Master61 kB18511-06-2013 20:15
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