Saturday 20th August 2016 saw the 50th Anniversary of the Funeral of Albert J Pitman. He was one of the Association's most famous and respected ringers, well-known for his compositions of Spliced Surprise Major, many of which are still rung (and prized amongst Peal-ringers) to this day. The Anniversary was marked by a gathering of the Pitman family at St Catharine's Church, Baglan, where AJP was laid to rest.

Members of the Association rang a touch of Grandsire Doubles at the graveside (Video: 52.9MB) before a Peal was rung on the very fine (and rare-for-Peals) tower bells.

The family saved some of the buffet lunch for the Peal band which was washed down with very welcome cups of tea smiley

The ringing was much-appreciated by the family and members of St Catharine's Church, with hopefully no too many (if any) adverse comments from the nearby residents.

A Wikipedia page dedicated to A J Pitman has been updated since the Peal was rung.

Peal details:

Llandaff & Monmouth Diocesan Association
Baglan, Neath Port Talbot
St Catharine
Saturday, 20 August 2016 in 2h.47m (12)
5040 Grandsire Doubles
Being One 240 (by A J Pitman) and 40 six-scores
1. Matthew S Turner
2. Andrew C John
3. Robert E Hardy
4. David F Moore
5. Alwyn R Lewis (C)
6. John A Vesey
Rung in memory of Albert John Pitman on the 50th anniversary of his funeral
and burial at this Church, where he first learned to ring. The peal coincided
with a family reunion of his descendants at the nearby Church hall.

Photo: Albert J Pitman's Grave at St Catharine's Church, Baglan:

Photo: Gathered ringers, including the Peal band plus ringers from St Mary's, Aberavon and St Catharine's, Baglan:

Photo: 1966 Peal Board in the ringing room at Baglan:

Photo: The Peal Band with Geoff Henderson (in the middle wearing cap), grandson of A J Pitman who organised the family reunion:

Video (52.9MB): Bob Hardy, Matthew Turner and David Moore ringing handbells at A J Pitman's graveside.

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